The One, The Only....Calum Lykan 

"I love to tell stories, it's my passion and my world. And what I love most is a challenge.

Give me a theme, a concept, an emotion and then I will give you a story"

I was born and raised in Ayrshire, benefiting from being surrounded by the stories of that rich and beautiful area. Yet storytelling was not a path I had ever thought to follow, Butcher, Banker, Business Development Manager and Regional Manager were the routes traveled. There was something safe about the idea of hiding behind desks and piles of paperwork that seemed a far more comfortable place than the prospect of being in front of an audience. 

And if you were to ask me what changed, true to form for a Teller of Tales I will regale you with a story of overcoming Stage Fright, Heart Ache and sacrifice on my journey to becoming an Internationally renowned Storyteller. And what a journey it was, from Management meetings to serving an Apprenticeship in Storytelling at Edinburgh's Scottish Storytelling Centre


And once I completed this I became focused and strove to seek out new and interesting ways to develop my passion as a professional Storyteller. This came in many forms on a variety of venues and stages. Yet one thing always stayed in my head from my past life. 


As a performer and entertainer I have always been acutely aware that Storytelling encompasses a broad range of the Spoken Word professions. Story is everywhere, in Public Speaking, Emceeing, while recording voice overs to the enjoyable act of regaling audiences with myths and folk tales. And of course there is more, in this day and age of media marketing more and more businesses need to develop there story, train staff to engage customers, they must become mesmerizing public speakers. It's a practice I've used my entire career and it has even helped me build a successful Walking Tour Company in the City of Edinburgh.


Canada came calling, a change of scenery and a new challenge was needed. Selling the Tour Company I moved to Calgary, Alberta. Why?...well my response is simple..

             "Calgary is the perfect blend, it's a City which is slowly building its Arts Scene yet is so

                   full of business potential. From the established Corporations to the up and coming Craft

               Beer Breweries, It's a city full of opportunity where stories will need to be created

            ....and maybe as in any good tale, love may have also played its hand"


As a professional Storyteller and experienced Tour guide, I can provide you with a unique and wonderful storytelling experience. My traditional background makes me well suited to provide skills for entertainment, education, personal development, or to inspire staff and help create a corporate story within the business environment.

Storytelling is ancient and versatile and can add that piece of flair to any event; dinners, festivals (re-enactment or otherwise), receptions, school visits, museums, corporate outings, and much more.

 “Have Stories will Travel”



  "There is just something about storyteller Calum Lykan. Call it charm, charisma or the x-factor,

he has that intangibleje ne sais quoi that makes you want to listen to him for hours."


                                                                                        - Written by Lettie McKie on Broadway Baby,

                                                                                           August 2015 about Brave & Free: Traditional Tales of Scotland 2015

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