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Storytelling is a craft which many say should only be done face to face in a live environment, or as the Scottish Traveller proverb says "Eye to Eye, Mind to Mind, Heart to Heart". I agree with this and live this practice every day. 


However in a world so vast we need to let the stories truly travel. 


Calum Lykan Studio is born from my passion to get the story out there into the world. 



It's a home for Stories in all the forms they take, from podcasting, Narration, Radio, Vlogging, Voice Overs, Storytelling Cd creation, You Tube Videos and pretty much anyway that I can think of to deliver Tales to the world. 


Take a look around and listen to some of the work I'm creating. If you are inspired, get in touch and lets collaborate. Stories need to be told and have life breathed into them. 

We saw Calum opening night of Calgary Fringe fest, and we were blown away. He has a captivating voice and the way he tells his stories really draws you in. His was probably the best fringe show we've seen in 8 years. We will definitely see his show again.


                                                                                    Derek – Fringe Festival Audience

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