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Scottish Storyteller, Calum Lykan, is the perfect choice if you are organizing any event or festival large or small. 

He really connects with the people and leaves them feeling alive.








Calum is a passionate and charismatic Emcee & Host who injects Scottish charm and wit into his performances.  

Here are just a select few performances Calum has been involved in. A full list is available on request

Emcee & Hosting

Hex Calgary & Screamfest - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Time Island Medieval Faire - Millarville, Alberta, Canada

Calgary Medieval Faire & Artisan Market - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Drayton Valley Medieval Faire - Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

Flagstaff Scottish Club's Tartan Day Event, Emcee and Teller-  Sedgewick, Alberta, Canada

Canadian Storytellers Conference, Morning Host & Teller- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Scottish Bedtime Stories, Storytelling & CD launch - Loose Moose Theatre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cochrane Book Bash, Host & Guest Storyteller - Cochrane Library, Cochrane, Canada

Good Knights Feast, Host & Storyteller - Three Hills, Alberta, Canada

Guardian Travel Awards , Host & Guest Storyteller -  Edinburgh, Scotland

Dream Escapes Outlander Press Event, Host & Storyteller - Queensferry, Scotland

Adventures by Disney Brave Tours, Host & Storyteller –  Edinburgh, Scotland

Storytelling Supper, The Story of Scotland  – Edinburgh, Scotland

Clan History & Stories, Guest Storyteller and Historical Talker –  Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland

Guid Crack Club, Guest Storyteller, Open Mic night - Waverley Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland

Robert Burns Events

Talking of Rabbie (condensed version) - Who Knows Variety Show - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Immortal Memory - Sylvan Lake Legion Burns Night - Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada

Talking of Rabbie - Calgary Winter Club, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tales from the Land of Burns - Chianti Restaurant, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tales from the Land of Burns - Sherwood Park Library, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Immortal Memory - Grassmarket Burns Night, Edinburgh, Scotland



"There is just something about storyteller Calum Lykan. Call it charm, charisma or the x-factor, he has that intangible

je ne sais quoi that makes you want to listen to him for hours."


                                                                                                                    - Written by Lettie McKie on Broadway Baby

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