Finding your Voice

Everyone has a story to tell, you might just not know how to get it out into the world. Stories are a beautiful gift to give and mentoring can help you tell it.


Storytelling is not just about the "Once upon a Times" it's about your personal tale or your businesses story, maybe your trying to find a new style to develop in your company leaders or just trying to deliver those presentations with more pizzazz.



Mentoring for Storytelling 

Storytelling is a wonderful and beautiful craft to be a part of, the joy of telling a tale and seeing your audiences faces light up with joy and understanding, but where to begin this Journey?

Calum Lykan has served an apprenticeship in Storytelling through the Scottish Storytelling Center. With years of Storytelling experience under his belt he can guide you through the early stages of your storytelling Adventure. 


  • Vocal Work

  • Story Learning

  • Story Development

  • Body Language  

  • Performance Techniques and Style

  • Overcoming Stage Fright

  • Business Practises

Mentoring can also be tailored to your individual or group needs.



Mentoring for Professional Development


A story untold is a story lost to time. 


As a business you can't afford to not let the world know your story. It's the key to your success and why you exist in the first place. Presentations and Talks all have a higher success rate when connected to your story and told heart to heart, eye to eye and mind to mind. People relate to and remember stories.


Storytelling Mentoring can benefit a broad range of people from: 


  • Anyone wishing to develop in Storytelling

  • Teachers and Classroom Assistants

  • Tour Guides 

  • Business Managers

  • Public Speakers

  • Community Leaders

  • Event Organizers

  • To name a few....

If you have any queries about Mentoring or Training please do get in touch and have a chat about your needs. 








Workshops are great for brainstorming, interactive learning, building relationships, and problem solving. They can be tailored to any situation and environment, for Education, Business or Personal Growth. 

"There is no feeling greater than when you see the lights go on, 

and know it was all through the gift of story"

Through the craft of Storytelling Calum Lykan has created some unique and inspiring Workshops to fulfill the needs of one and all. Whether you wish to learn the craft of the teller and begin your performance career or are looking for ways to create a story to enhance your business,  Calum can help.....

If you don't see what your after please do get in touch to discuss your workshop requirements. 

Knowing Your Audience

The Story is not about you it's about the audience, the listener. You need to create a bespoke message that reaches your target audience. 

The success of a good Story depends on your ability to connect your message to the people listening effectively. It's the difference between capturing the heart of the audience or leaving them empty with words in there head.

In this workshop.

  • Learn the art of the story and structure yours into one that connect's with your audience

  • Language is important, learn to use language that helps build your story. 

  • Identify the gap between the audience and your message.

  • Adapting your story for different audiences.

  • Read your audience, learn the signs of winning or losing them. 


The more confident and relaxed you are with the story the easier it is to get your message over to your target audience with a higher chance of your message being understood. 

By understanding your audience you will learn to adapt the story to there needs, this will enable you to overcome obstacles and increase your chances of success to inspire or motivate. 

A Beginner’s Journey to Storytelling 


Thought about becoming a storyteller and just don't know where to begin. This workshop is about the beginning and continual journey of a storyteller.


Whether your looking at it as a hobby or as a full time performance career, this introductory course will give you the know how from where to kick of your journey.  

  • How to get started

  • what resources are available 

  • the skills and experience required

  • storytelling styles

  • how to find stories and learn them 

  • the challenges of contemporary storytelling... all the way through to the everyday hustle

  • ways of finding new audiences with technology.


Enter your performance life knowing all the challenges that lay ahead as you embrace storytelling in a relaxed and friendly environment. This workshop finishes with an open group discussion allowing all participants to share ideas.


Talk the Walk Tour Workshop 

An introduction to crafting storytelling-based guided tours for business sites, museums, and historic places.

“Talk the Walk” is a tourism workshop for museum, parks, and historic site staff, archivists, docents, and tour guides, designed to help you improve visitor experience through storytelling.


It's all about the tale you tell. No matter what tour format you are developing it's all about the stories you tell and how you tell them. 

This workshop is designed for all Tour types, whether your still in development or already up and running and are looking for a revamp. 

  • Learn the story behind the business and how to apply it to the Tour 

  • The art of Storytelling 

  • Identify your target audience 

  • Develop a tour structure 

  • Create the tales to Tell

  • Understanding your audience 

  • Body Language 

  • Walking the Walk


Having run a successful Storytelling Tour Company in Edinburgh, Scotland the aim is to pass on my skills and experience to hep you develop a market leading and enjoyable Tour for your clients. 



Storytelling in Business

The future of all business is in storytelling. Whether your a large Corporation or a small business,

It's you and the people in the company that make it unique.

I'll show you how to turn the drive and passion that inspires your business into a powerful story, by identifying those pivotal moments in your life that led you to where you are today and how your business relates to the bigger story and vision.

In this workshop. 

  • Learn the story behind the business and how to apply storytelling to your business communications

  • Identify the moments that inspired your idea and business.

  • Build the story behind what you do, applying key elements drawn from your past experiences.

  • Tell your story. Your story is the only one that can capture and emotionally connect with your audience.

Where do the Stories come from?

Stories are everywhere and flow from the life around us. This course is designed for creative writing classes as an introduction to stories. The written story and the told story can vary in language but still be the same.  

In this workshop. 

  • How to find a story

  • The art of Storytelling 

  • The importance of language 

  • Create the tales to Tell

  • Understanding your audience 

Learn the craft of the Storyteller and discover that stories appear from thin air. This course will allow students to develop there craft and gain some experience of public speaking.  

Growing your Voice

"Calum is simply brilliant! He is engaging and natural as well as being a fountain of knowledge and really entertaining. This all reflects in the tour, he creates a relaxed and friendly group which learns a lot together. This tour gives reasons as to why Edinburgh and its characters are they way they are, so you feel informed as well as entertained."

                                                                                                               - Janetastical on TripAdvisor 

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