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Calum Lykan, is the perfect choice if you are looking for a Public Speaker with Charm, Humor and Stage Presence.

He is capable of connecting with his audiences and leaves them feeling alive.









Here are just a select few Public Speaking Events Calum has been involved in. A full list is available on request

Public Speaking

TedX YYC - Speaker Coach mentoring a Ted Talk presenter - TEDX YYC, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Talking of Rabbie Robert Burns and the Stories that influenced his work - Calgary Winter Club, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Wordcamp, Storytelling in the Digital Age - Wordpress Conference, Fort Calgary, Calgary, Canada

Canadian Storytellers Conference, Morning Opening Speaker - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dream Escapes Outlander Press Event, Jacobite History and related Stories - Queensferry, Scotland

Storytelling Supper, The Story of Scotland – Edinburgh, Scotland

Clan History & Stories, Guest Storyteller and Historical Talker – Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland



For fans of traditional storytelling, there is nothing to disappoint in this show by master Scottish storyteller Calum Lykan. Stories of dragons, magic, murder and whisky captivate young and old, and the audience can request specific types of stories. Particularly appealing is Lykan's knowledge of folklore generally - the history of traditional storytelling around the world, the historical moments when oral traditions were collected, and the similarities of tales from Europe and indigenous North America. This is a virtuoso performance, and we can hope to see more of Lykan, who has spent the past year telling his stories in Canada.


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