Scottish Storyteller, Calum Lykan, is the perfect choice if you are organizing any event large or small.

He really connects with the people and leaves them feeling alive.

"It is all part of the Ceilidh Culture, the need to gather as community and talk, tell tales, sing and just feel

connected to people" - Calum Lykan 


No event is complete without a good host or MC, it makes the night memorable and special.


So why not inject it with a little of that old Ceilidh culture.


Filled with Scottish personality and charm, Calum makes an excellent choice to host any event.

Whether you want an evening full of Scottish hospitality, stories, humor or all of the above,

Calum can tailor his skills and passion to your event.



“Calum, we can’t say enough how much you have added to these trips, and to our personal experiences of Scotland.

You are incredibly talented and I hope that no matter where your future takes you, never stop sharing your gift with others”


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