Storytelling is a very natural and organic craft, and often I will go to an event and wait till is see the whites of the audiences eyes prior to knowing which Story to tell. This reflects the old Ceilidh culture of Scotland where the community would sit, listen and become inspired by a tale or a song. This in turn would trigger a Story from memory which they would then tell. 

This is a fantastic way to tell in a more intimate setting or to challenge yourself as a teller on a live stage. However as I have seen it also creates confusion for those trying to book a Storyteller for an Festival, School, Highland Show or just about any event. 

With this is mind I have created a series of Storytelling performance options. This selection is not exhaustible and all performances can be tailored to suit any event, environment or age range. 


If you don't see what you are looking for, remember this is only a selection of what I have created and performed to this date.

"Everything is possible if you can imagine it"

Please get in touch to have a chat about your requirements or idea and I will see what can be

created for you and your event. 




Loud, brash and crashing through Edinburgh as a Storyteller for years, Calum Lykan is as Big as a bear and subtle as a kilt full of badgers, Grisly, scary, fanciful, engaging and oftimes heroic, his stories are peppered with wee lessons.

                                                                                                               - Michael Dean Dargie, Dropbear & Panda, MD&A INC

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