Calum Lykan Storytelling

Storyteller, Emcee Entertainer for One and All

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Calum Lykan is a renowned Scottish storyteller, emcee and public speaker, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing tales of Scottish folklore and history.

Weaver of Dreams, Slayer of Boredom...

Storyteller, Master of Ceremonies, Voice Artist, Public Speaker and Tour Guide. Internationally renowned Storyteller Calum Lykan is the complete package for any event.

Born and raised in Ayrshire, I was surrounded by the stories of that rich and beautiful area. Yet storytelling was not a path I had ever thought to follow, Butcher, Banker, Business Development Manager and Regional Manager were the routes traveled. Hiding behind desks and piles of paperwork with not a thought for being in the limelight.

And if you were to ask me what changed, true to form for a Teller of Tales I will regale you with a story of overcoming Stage Fright, Heart Ache and the sacrifices made on my journey to becoming a Storyteller. And what a journey it was, from Management meetings to serving an Apprenticeship in Storytelling at Edinburgh's Scottish Storytelling Centre.

My adventures as an entertainer have allowed me to travel and meet the most amazing people. And the Journey continues, after 7 years in Alberta I have travelled to east to New Brunswick a place so much like home it feels like I'm back in Burns Country.

As a professional Storyteller, I can provide you with a unique and wonderful performance experience. My traditional background makes me well suited to provide skills for entertainment, education, personal development, or to inspire staff and help create a corporate story within the business environment.

Storytelling is ancient and versatile and can add that piece of flair to any event; dinners, festivals (re-enactment or otherwise), receptions, school visits, museums, corporate outings, and much more.

Impressive Stories

Calum's storytelling skills are truly remarkable. His stories transported me to another world, leaving me captivated and wanting more.
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red apple fruit on brown wooden stick