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Finding Your Voice

Ghostlt Tales at Dirlton Castle

Everyone has a story to tell, you might just not know how to get it into the world. Stories are a beautiful gift to give and mentoring can help you tell it.

It’s not just about the “Once upon a Times” Storytelling is present in all aspects of life. Whether it’s telling your personal story, building a career as a performer or public speaker, or finding a way to promote and build new client relations; it’s all about the story.


With years of performance experience in Storytelling and Public Speaking you could not find a more skilled Mentor to guide you. Yet it does not end there. From past lives we can add years of business experience in fields such as: Finance, Management and Business development. Throw all this into the melting pot and you suddenly have a mentor who can offer you development for any situation. No matter what you are looking for, in my opinion, Storytelling is always the answer. 

Mentoring for Storytelling

Calum Lykan Storytelling Tours

The Storytelling craft is a wonderful and beautiful journey to embark on. The joy of telling a tale and seeing your audiences’ faces light, delivering a workshop and knowing those involved soaked it all in.  However where to begin this Journey? Especially as many of you did not know it was a journey that you could begin. 

As for me. I had done years of work in Blue collar industries and eventually decided I had, had enough! So that’s exactly what I did. That of course left the glaringly obvious question of what next? So I took up an offer from a friend to become a guide for his tour company. Something which I had never done and was terrified to do. The reason being as I always had terrible stage fright.

I took the plunge and after a few weeks something amazing happened. I wasn’t scared anymore. I wasn’t inhibited by my own fears. In fact, I started to write segments of my own tours, rediscovered a love for History that I had forgotten existed, and top that off, I really loved the thrill of the crowd. Then I wanted more, I needed to discover more stories for my tours, I wanted to create more original experiences for the visitors. That’s when it happened. I discovered the best kept secret of  Edinburgh’s Royal Mile: The Scottish Storytelling Centre. This is where I learned my craft, participated in numerous courses, worked with wonderful mentors and finally completed my apprenticeship in Storytelling. 

It’s a craft that has taken me to many an exotic place and unusual venue. Where I have had the absolute joy and pleasure to entertain and educate using my passion for Storytelling.

Mentoring is my continuation of the wonderful experiences I received while developing in this craft. Delivered on a one to one basis or as group session all mentoring is designed around the individual or groups needs.  Before embarking on this grand adventure I always like to sit down and chat to make sure we are the right fit for each other. This way we can make sure you get the development you need. Once we have chatted I always like to create a bespoke  package to fit in with your needs and learning style. Below are the main focus points, but I have always found that little chat reveals a few more things we can work on. 

Vocal Work
Story Learning
Story Development
Body Language  
Performance Techniques and Style
Overcoming Stage Fright
Business Practises

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