For too many years, Storytelling has been misunderstood as stuffy and dull, the image of someone         sitting in a musty room reading from old books to a bored audience.


The tradition of Oral Storytelling is so much more (for one we don't read, its all from our heads) it's impossible to describe, it is a craft you need to hear in action. So the only thing I can do is invite you on this journey with me. Come along to an event I'm performing at or book me for an event you are putting on. 


                        "Storytelling is an amazing craft, filled with energy and emotion. To be able to transport your audience                                 across the world on a magic carpet, or to come face to face with terrifying giants, how about finding                                 yourself on the front line of an epic historical battle. That's what storytelling is, and that's what it can do.

 It will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, love, loss, fear, anger and jubilation."

I have been fortunate to have told stories in a wealth of locations from libraries, schools,

community centers, public houses, theaters, festivals, on the streets and in distant lands in such places as

the ancient Redwood Forests in California and have loved every minute of every experience.


I offer a broad range of Storytelling performances and below is a list of some of the available Story theme options. If you don't see what you are looking for, or have a specific theme in mind,

please just ask me and together we can work tailor a package just for you.


Scottish and Irish folk tales and Norse Myths and Sagas are just some of the stories I love to tell.


  • Traditional Scottish Folk & Fairy Tales

  • Historical Tales

  • Whisky Tales

  • Russian Folk and Fairy Tales

  • Celtic Tales

  • Norse Saga’s and Stories

  • Greek & Roman

  • Tree Stories

  • Animal Stories

  • Tales from the Ocean

  • Pirate Tales of High Adventure and Skullduggery

  • Halloween Tales

  • Ghosts and Ghouls

  • Gruesome & Grisly

  • Christmas Stories

  • Historical Walks and Tours

  • Ghost Walks and Tours

This is a broad overview of the genres of tales in my repertoire, Head over to performances to check out

a selection of the Storytelling packages available. 


"It’s clear he’s bent on history, but his passionate explanation of the 19th-century rotten landlords and the characters who stalked the city’s nefarious bygone, slum-filled era makes it feel like it were happening today."  

                                                                                                                      - Written by Lucy Hyslop on The Vancouver Sun , May 2013

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