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"Eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart" 

For too many years, Storytelling has been misunderstood as stuffy and dull, the image of someone sitting in a musty room reading from old books to a bored audience always seems to spring to mind. Yet, the tradition of Oral Storytelling is so much more (for one we don’t read, its all from our heads). It’s a craft that needs to be seen and heard to fully appreciate its strength and Joy.​

Storytelling has allowed me to travel to some truly amazing and interesting places, from libraries, schools, community centers, public houses, theaters, festival halls, on the streets as a busker and in far off lands in such places as the ancient Redwood Forests of California. These experiences have continued to drive my passion for Storytelling, every adventure, every journey, every encounter is just new fuel for the fire. 

Family Storytelling on St Andrews Day
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  "This is why I love Storytelling, life creates new stories to tell"

Calum Lykan Storytelling Tours

It has helped me build a broad repertoire of Tales, but if I’m honest the Scottish folk tales alongside the Norse Myths that are some of my favorite to tell. No matter where I am in the world it’s these stories that connect me to my homeland and my heritage.​​

With this is mind I have created a series of Storytelling performance options.

It’s not exhaustible and all the performances can be tailored to suit any environment or age range. If you don’t see what you are looking for, remember this is only a selection of what I can offer.

Breathing life into stories

Brave & Free, Traditional Tales

Brave & Free

Scotland, a land steeped in myth and legend. Now listen to the tales. 

It's All in the Kilt

Its all in the Kilt

No set list, No way to prepare for what may be suggested or asked. 

Scottish Bedtime Stories

Scottish Bedtime Stories

Stories are not for the feint of heart or those with a weak stomach.   

Ghosty Tales from Scotland

Ghostly Tales from Scotland

Best told in a darkened vault by candlelight or around a raging fire in the woods.

Whisky & Tales

Whisky & Tales

Uisge Beatha, the Waters of Life, Whisky… call it what you like it's the finest drink.

Scots Wha Hae

Scots Wha Hae

The Scottish Wars of Independence, a turbulent period of Scottish History. 

It's Hammer Time

Its Hammer Time

 Giants, Dwarves, and of lets not forget our favourite hammer wielding God.  

In defence of the devil

In Defence of the Devil

He's had enough, he’s hired a Storyteller to defend his name. 

Dance with Death

A Dance with Death

Do not go gentle into that good night. Lets Boldly Face or Outsmart Mr Grim.

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In Development

Ye Jacobites by Name

Join the cause, hear the exploits of the Bonnie Prince, prepare for Culloden

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In Development

Tales of the Clans

Origins, Exploits, Battles and more...

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In Development

Tales of the Pirates

Swashbucklers, Rogues and romantics have captured our imaginatons.


In Development

Wintry Tales

Stories to ward of the cold nights. 

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Once upon a time

To be continued

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Once upon a time

To be continued

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