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Whisky & Tales

No good story ever began with "So I was having a salad"

Uisge Beatha, the Waters of Life, Whisky… call it what you like but it is the finest drink, filling the head with thoughts of misty glens, wild moors and the even wilder highlands and its people. 

Scottish Storyteller Calum Lykan, will take you for a gentle stroll through your imagination with Whisky & Tales. From the drink that saved great heroes to its Vilifiction as the Devils drink. Sit back, enjoy and if you have one why not enjoy a wee dram of the good stuff. 

Whisky & Tales started as a Ceilidh style walking tour in Edinburgh. And keeping in the spirit of that I can offer two version of this show. Whisky & Tales is when we can all sit back and enjoy a wee dram and some stories,  Whisky Tales is just the stories of Scotland’s national tipple. This is no longer a walking tour….unless you have a plan….

If you would like some more information or just wish to go ahead and book Calum then please click the link below. 

Whisky & Tales
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