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Enjoy a true Storytelling Ceilidh...

Calum Lykan Storytelling Tours

A House Concert is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening. It is a gathering of guests, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, people you have personally invited to your home to hear stories and be entertained. In Scotland it’s traditionally what we call a Ceilidh, a gathering of the community where everyone would bring some food and drink. A time for stories to be told and maybe old songs to be sung.​

Why not organize a house concert with Calum Lykan an Internationally renowned storyteller with a huge repertoire of tales from all around the world.

Here are some thoughts and considerations when planning a house concert.

  • Find a place for the storyteller to stand or sit where the sight lines are best.

  • Invite more guests than you think will come, at least the first time, as some adults think they might not like storytelling. The second time, they are sure they do like storytelling and they talk it up everywhere.

  • Be clear in the invitations about the age range of listeners (that is, if young kids are welcome).

  • Send out invitations about three weeks in advance, with a reminder the week before. Facebook works well for invitations.

  • If the house concert is really a garden concert or a campfire concert, discuss this with the storyteller.

  • Let guests know in advance if they will be expected to pay or contribute in some way. You may have a set fee, you may pass the hat. The performer and host will arrange this in advance.

  • Potluck? Suggest to your guests to each bring food and there own drinks. This way it becomes a more sociable evening. Yum!

  • Have fun.

I hosted an event for my friends and their families, just before Christmas, an evening of storytelling. To say that I and my guests were impressed would be a vast understatement! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Calum or the idea of hosting an event like this for your friends, family or associates. In fact I’d say that you would be a double moron not to! That’s how much we enjoyed him and his Scottishness. An extremely gifted storyteller and an all-around delightful entertainer. We will definitely be booking him again!

                                                                                                                                       – MG Macdonald – Facebook Page Review

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