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To Educate and Entertain​

The oral tradition of Storytelling was one way to pass on information and history, to teach life lessons to the next generation. Storytelling in schools is a fantastic and fun continuation of this tradition.

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“Each time I walk Into a classroom or theatre, I know the experience for me and the pupils will be unique. I thrive on the experience of capturing the attention of  hundreds of lively young minds and introducing them to my traditional craft

As an experienced and charismatic entertainer, I can build an instant rapport with my audience, presenting stories in a relaxed and humorous way, to engage the interest of your students and teachers.


It’s not only about entertainment, it also encompasses education and personal growth also. A developing mind will remember things when it is engaged and involved, and in this way we succeed by making the storytelling experience interactive and bringing context and meaning to the information presented. 

I can provide storytelling sessions, residencies and fun interactive workshops tailored to fit in with the educational curriculum. Its all about exposing students to the cultural tradition of storytelling, getting them actively involved and engaged in telling has proven to positively impact the learning ability of all ages. This is one of the reasons storytelling experiences in schools is important. 

Storytelling is such an adaptable craft and therefore I am happy to cater to larger audiences or more intimate groups, to suit your needs. 

An Audience with Bannockburn Event

Calum is  professional storyteller and entertainer, he is registered with Storytelling AlbertaStorytellers of Canada and previously with The Scottish Storytelling Centre (No longer active as travelling to Scotland to tell a tale or two would prove to be a little more challenging these days) 

For fans of traditional storytelling, there is nothing to disappoint in this show by master Scottish storyteller Calum Lykan. Stories of dragons, magic, murder and whisky captivate young and old, and the audience can request specific types of stories. Particularly appealing is Lykan’s knowledge of folklore generally – the history of traditional storytelling around the world, the historical moments when oral traditions were collected, and the similarities of tales from Europe and indigenous North America. This is a virtuoso performance, and we can hope to see more of Lykan, who has spent the past year telling his stories in Canada. 

                                                                                                                            Dr Kevin Solez, MacEwan University

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