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Full of Scottish Charm 

Calum Lykan Hosting one of many storytelling Events

What makes a good Emcee for your event?

The first requirement is clear, a good communicator, then we move into the other aspects in the Emcee arsenal. They need to be a good entertainer for any audience, charismatic,  knowledgeable in the role and know exactly what the clients needs are, always be prepared and adaptable (we all know that nothing goes as expected and sometimes the game plan changes when you see the whites of there eyes), having a sense of humor also helps and being able to read the room adapting to it’s ebbs and flows is a must.

Sounds about right!​

Now take all those skills and then add a delightful Scottish Brogue, natural Stage presence, years of Storytelling experience, and for most occasions a Kilt….yes you read that correctly. A Kilt…. we did mention he was Scottish. 

And all that is now needed is to Introduce you to Calum Lykan 

“It is all part of the Ceilidh Culture, the need to gather as community and talk, tell tales,

sing and just feel connected to people” 

Calum Logo Lighter Skin flip small.png

Calum Lykan, is the perfect choice if you are organizing any event large or small.

With years of experience he really connects with people and leaves them feeling alive.

So why not inject it with a little of that old Ceilidh culture into your event and get in touch with Calum to make that happen. Whether you want an evening full of Scottish hospitality, stories, humor or all of the above, Calum can tailor his skills and passion to your event.

Hosting the Cast of E.T  at Hex Calgary

“Calum, we can’t say enough how much you have added to these trips, and to our personal experiences of Scotland. You are incredibly talented and I hope that no matter where your future takes you, never stop sharing your gift with others”

                                                                                                                          Adventures by Disney

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