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Scottish Storyteller, Calum Lykan, is the perfect choice if you are organizing any event or festival large or small. He really connects with the people and leaves them feeling alive.

Calum has traveled far and wide to perform at festivals and special events. Comfortable telling around a small fire to a handful of guests or to thousands while standing upon a grand stage, he is the storyteller who can give your festival that extra touch of warmth and humor.

With a range of tales to enhance your event Calum can become the Highland Storyteller with a huge repertoire of tales from his native lands. Or does a Roguish Pirate regaling you with his ocean going exploits appeal more, how about a Viking Skald telling you about the myths and legends of the Norse, and let us not forget the humble Storyteller who weaves myths and legends from every realm. 

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Calum is magical to hear and that makes him a regular performer at the Faire. He has this ability to suck you into his stories so that you forget where you are and just melt into the adventure. A wonderfully friendly person and fantastic personality to meet. We highly recommend booking him for a magical storytelling time.

                                                                                                                            Brooks Medieval Faire Committee 

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