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A Dance with Death

"Do not go gentle into that good night" 

And now the end is near……

It is the one constant in life we can rely upon, many a jest, many a tale has been created to ward of the inevitable. 

Death, The Grim reaper comes for us all in the end, many a man has tried to outsmart him, many a woman has tried to trick him. Yet in the end we all fall to the sythe.

Yet it is not about the end, it’s about how we meet it that matters. They say you only die once but we live every day. 

Let us celebrate life with a collection of tales about Death and those who boldly faced it head on or tried to outsmart the Grim one. 

Before Calum shuffles off his mortal coil click the link below to enjoy a collection of tales about the end. 

Dance with Death
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