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Scots Wha Hae...
Scotland's Wars of Independance

“Scots, wha hae wi Wallace bled,
Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
Welcome tae yer gory bed,
Or tae victorie…”

The Scottish Wars of Independence, a turbulent period of Scottish History. And as is the case in times like these Heroes step out of the shadows to lead and inspire. 

William Wallace and Robert the Bruce were two such men whose tales and exploits still inspire a nation to this day. 

Scottish Storyteller Calum Lykan will take you on a Historic journey through the trials and tribulations, the daring feats and battles that these two men faced in the hopes of Freedom for their beloved country Scotland. 

“…Lay the proud usurpers low,

Tyrants fall in every foe,

Liberty’s in every blow! –

Let us do or dee.” 

Scots wha hae
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