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It's All in the Kilt
and other Scottish Tales

Traditionally a performer has a set list or has a scripted performance.

Not for “It’s all in the Kilt”. This show is a spontaneous questions and answer Storytelling Show where you as the audience gets to ask a question, which should lead to an answer which will no doubt lead to a Story. 

No two shows are alike with this off-the-cuff performance by Scottish Storyteller Calum Lykan. If there has been a burning question about Scotland you always wanted to ask….this is the show for you, or you can suggest a theme or a concept for a story and then sit back as I wrack my brains for the tale to tell. 

If your interested in a fun and unique Storytelling show then please use the link below to get in touch with Calum. 

It's All in the Kilt
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